I beat THIRTH FIVE YEARS of alcohol addiction using this method.

You can too!

Have you tried to kick your addiction without success?

 Do you find counselling too personal and too expensive?

Do you feel experts just do not understand?

Recovery myths

We are often told recovery from addiction is a long, arduous journey that never truly gets resolved.

That you will always be an addict.

We must always count the days!

It's a long and painful road we walk.



this is NOT the case.

Once you learn to separate the inner addict from the real you, your life takes an upward turn.

SECRETS of ADDICTION is all about separating you from your inner voice.

The inner voice that has been telling you all these years that you aren't good enough. 

That you are inherently a bad person who has no control over their own lives.  

Again, this is NOT the case!

Johann Hari

20 Years in the making

For over 20 years I have collated information on addiction, specifically alcohol.

I have watched thousands of hours of 'experts' talking about why we become addicted and there are just as many differing opinions.

Dr Kevin McCauley

Gabor Mate'

No "WHY"?...Just "HOW"?

If doctors, professors and counsellors can't agree on the 'why' we become addicted, then let's leave the 'why' at home.

Because we are all individuals with a different story to tell. 

Different upbringing, different environment different people.  

At SECRETS of ADDICTION, we don't worry about why we become addicted, we focus on HOW we can stop. 

This is why...

You won't be asked to dwell on your past

You won't be made to relive traumatic incidents

You WILL be shown how to use these techniques to change to way you think and get back control of your life. 


  • Build broken relationships with family and friends and replace the shame you feel with an immense sense of pride.


  • Watch as your financial situation improves beyond your expectations as you find extra cash in your pocket 


  • Fulfill your potential as you once again start to grow as the amazing human being that you truly are.


"The course made me think of things differently.  I'd always thought I had a disease but now I know that's not true.  I have stopped drinking for four months now and feel confident about the future"

Gavin B

"It's so different from the usual counselling.  I was sceptical at first but I learnt so many new things and really enjoyed it"

Sarah Jane K

"I found myself thinking 'Why hasn't anyone told us this before'?  For the first time in my adult life I walk with my head up and feel proud of what I'm achieving"

N. Ellis

Your future is in your hands.

Wherever you are in life is down to one thing and one thing only.

The decisions you have made!

Once you make a decision, good or bad, you have steered your life into a certain direction.

Have you made good decisions or have they led you into a lack of confidence, hurt and a sense of hopelessness?

SECRETS of ADDICTION will make you challenge your decision making.  You will start to look at the real you, not the inner addict that has hijacked your life.  You will learn techniques that will help you gain back control and learn things you never knew in the process.

Let your next decision be the best decision you have made. Sign up NOW!


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